Chritto and Octanorm launched online shop - exhibition booth construction

Chritto and Octanorm launched online shop

In an inventive business move, Chritto and Octanorm have embarked on a collaborative venture by launching an online shop. The shop, carrying the trusted branding of Chritto, is managed and operated by Octanorm, embodying a perfect blend of Chritto's reputation in the exhibition booth creation industry and Octanorm's expertise in the supply chain.

Chritto brings its authoritative name and established brand image to the online store, drawing in clients who value quality and innovation in the exhibition booth creation process. Meanwhile, Octanorm takes charge of the operational side of the shop, utilizing its robust inventory management and reliable delivery systems to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

For Chritto, the partnership extends its brand reach and influence within the industry, offering clients an effortless and direct channel to source premium-quality exhibition materials. This venture not only strengthens Chritto's market position but also boosts customer satisfaction by providing an integrated service platform.
Octanorm, as the operator of the shop, expands its market visibility by linking its name with the respected Chritto brand. This platform allows Octanorm to showcase its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, harnessing its logistical capabilities to ensure prompt and efficient product delivery. The initiative also deepens its business relationship with Chritto, paving the way for future collaborations.
For customers, the online shop represents a hassle-free solution for procuring top-tier exhibition materials. They can place orders directly from a platform they trust, eliminating the need to engage with multiple vendors. Plus, the assurance that these materials come from Octanorm, a reputable supplier, instills confidence in their purchases.
The online shop epitomizes the innovative business strategy of Chritto and Octanorm's collaboration. By combining their strengths, they are revolutionizing the exhibition industry, making the process of setting up an exhibition booth simpler, more reliable, and efficient. This enterprise is a testament to their forward-thinking approach, demonstrating how cooperative endeavors can transform customer experience in a positive way.
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