Quick Check - CHRITTO Briefing

The more exact and detailed the information you provide, the better the architects and designers can tailor your stand concept to your needs. The "CHRITTO Briefing Form" will help you organize your ideas and marketing needs for the trade show. Please fill the form out, and either email it to info@chritto.com or fax it to +49 2207 9685 99.

briefing form  (PDF Download 142,7 KiB)

Ten tips for a successful partnership with your stand construction partner

  1. 1. Define your trade fair goals and present any other requests as clearly as possible.
    The more specific and detailed the information is, the better the architects and designers can tailor the stand concept to your needs. The “FMA Checklist” for briefings provides you with support in this.
  2. 2. Begin planning your participation at the trade fair in advance.
    Short-term campaigns are more expensive and usually the second-best solution. The “Time schedule for successful trade fair presentations” and the “Calculation aid” can assist you here.
  3. 3. Select three exhibition contractors with whom you would like to have a detailed meeting.
    Every briefing costs you time and therefore money. During the briefing, provide detailed information about your trade fair objectives, about your company, corporate structure, corporate identity and corporate design. All details about the planned participation at the trade fair should be part of this briefing. The search agent can help you in making your selection.
  4. 4. Each draft design costs money.
    For a customized stand concept that promises success, specialists put in many hours of work. This should be remunerated. A design draft is a customized plan for your trade fair presentation. Offers that comprise cost planning for simple stands, usually made out of modular materials, are free of charge. Choose just a couple of pre-qualified partners to compete with one another and pay them for the draft designs; only then will you be able to choose the best quality. The “Recommendation for reimbursement of bidders’ expenses” of FAMAB will give you some points of reference for this.
  5. 5. The concepts should be presented to you in person, preferably in the presence of all the decision-makers in your company.
    Do not make your decision exclusively on the basis of price; consider the overall impression and the quality, as well.
  6. 6. Promptly choose a partner following the presentations, and inform the companies of your decision.
    Waiting a long time before making an order can make it harder to meaningfully plan the capacities and purchase materials cost-effectively.
  7. 7. Inform your partner as soon as possible about any changes (e.g. a change in exhibits) and keep them updated on a regular basis.
    Changes during the setup of the trade fair stand can only be implemented at great expense and rarely providing the optimum solutions. The FMA Quality Code can give you helpful suggestions for implementing a productive project management.
  8. 8. Arrange an appointment with the responsible project manager in order to receive the stand.
    The same applies when returning the stand once the event is over.
  9. 9. Plan long-term cooperation with one exhibition contractor.
    The better your stand construction partner knows you, the more effectively they can work for you.
  10. 10. Project’s safety can be achieved by commissioning a FAMAB member.
    FAMAB members work according to fixed quality criteria which you have ratified with the Quality Code.

Ten tips for successful cooperation with your stand construction partner (PDF Download - 213.7 KiB)