Turn-Key Solutions

To truly understand trade show booth construction, one must recognize that, at its core, it is a craft. Historically stands were constructed by skilled carpenters upon special order from the exhibiting companies. While the adoption of modular systems into the construction process has diminished the amount of work performed by hand, production costs continue to rise. Thanks to the ever increasing variety of materials used in construction and quality standards demanded by clients, not only carpenters, but also mechanics, painters, varnishers and numerous other specialists are involved in the production of a trade show booth.

trade show booth construction CHRITTO Workflow

01. Individualized Design and Planning

We plan and design your booth. Our Creative Department will use your individual goals, requests and ideas to design the perfect booth for your company and we will present you with a photo-realistic design of your booth. In the event that you aren't sure what you want in your design, we are happy to brainstorm ideas with you.  Our professional design team can provide suggestions and tips. We work to fully understand your brand positioning at the start of the process to include your message in every aspect of our design.

02. Production and Assembly

Our master carpenters will produce your stand with the highest attention to detail and nothing left to chance. Our assembly team will perform a test assembly and then make alterations if necessary to ensure a smooth final assembly process. We also provide stand restoration services when needed. We test everything for you. The stand is assembled down to the smallest detail as it would be at the exposition, including any technology and necessary installation pieces. You receive your booth ready to use. But our help doesn't stop there: we will disassemble your booth with just as much attention to detail and care as it was built- you won't discover you have missing parts or damaged items after the exhibition. You can also have CHRITTO professionally store your booth in our warehouse.

03. Warehousing and Logistics

Are you already using CHRITTO's warehousing and inventory service? We will deliver your stand, as well as any additional materials and furniture, to the exhibition location on time for assembly.
We deliver anywhere in the world. CHRITTO takes care of the logistics for you and transports your goods safely and reliably world-wide.