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The exhibition stand represents a company. It should therefore make a strong impression in order to effectively stay in the visitor's memory.

There are four different types of exhibition stands:

Island Booth: An island booth is exposed to aisles on all four sides.
Head Booth: A head booth is at the end of a row of booths and shares only one border with a neighboring booth. It is therefore open to the aisles on three sides.
Corner Booth: a corner booth, similar to the head booth, is at the end of a row of booths. However, it is closed on two sides, compared to a head booth, which is split into two parts.
Linear Booth: a linear booth is the least impressive type of booth because it is surrounded by other booths on three sides. Nevertheless, a linear booth can be very effective, for example by using the opposite wall to attract visitors.

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Membership of and in Cooperation with

  • FAMAB - Association of German Exhibit and Tradeshow Producers.
  • EDPA - Exhibit Designers & Producers Association
  • OSPI - Octanorm Service Partner International
  • IFES - International Federation of Exhibition and Event Service

What Others Are Saying

“..thank you CHRITTO for all your work, initiative and professionalism rendered to our client.. All of as at Mostré Design, Inc. appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with you again on our future projects”


“.. my thanks and gratitude for the excellent job that you made with our stand.. The stand looked fantastic and your staff was extremely helpful and efficient. All our Colleagues from our overseas offices commented on the great appearance, suitability and the Quality of the construction and materials.