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A trade show is an exhibition for companies to present their products and services. Most focus on specific industries and attract only visitors actually interested in products and services related to this industry. Trade shows are therefore an integral part of a company's marketing and PR efforts. Some trade fairs can be publicly visited, whereas others are only open to industry specialists. However, many exhibits offer a mixture of both. These are open to the public on certain days while other days are reserved for specialists.

Exhibits often involve a considerable marketing investment by the participating companies. Space rental, design and construction of the exhibit stand, personnel costs to run the booth, telecommunications and networking, travel, accommodations and promotional literature quickly add up to a hefty price. Nevertheless, because of the potential to reach a large amount of interested customers, dealers and partners, few companies today can afford not to take part in trade shows and exhibitions.

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“..thank you CHRITTO for all your work, initiative and professionalism rendered to our client.. All of as at Mostré Design, Inc. appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with you again on our future projects”


“.. my thanks and gratitude for the excellent job that you made with our stand.. The stand looked fantastic and your staff was extremely helpful and efficient. All our Colleagues from our overseas offices commented on the great appearance, suitability and the Quality of the construction and materials.
We will be definitely recommending you to our colleagues for future events.”

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