Company History

CHRITTO is a family-run company. With 25 permanent and 14 free-lance employees at our offices in Kuerten, Germany and our international subsidiaries, CHRITTO offers premium full-service trade show management for clients the world over/around the world. 
Constant input from the client allows the Project Leader and Designer to identify the client's requirements and goals for the trade show. Using our detailed understanding of brand staging, CHRITTO designs the booth concept to fit our client's needs, maximizing value and effect.

Exhibition Booth Firm CHRITTO History


Peter Mueller founds the company “Messebau Mueller” in Bergisch Gladbach. The company’s purpose is to design and implement customer’s appearances in different trade shows


Dittmar Mueller, son of the founder, becomes second CEO. The company is registered as “Messebau Mueller GmbH.” Additionally there is a merger with FAMAB (Association of Direct Economic Communication, Inc).

The family business joins the EDPA (Exhibit Designers & Producers Association USA). Over the years, client’s demands are increasing and becoming more and more diversified so that the name “Messebau” (exhibition booth builder) is no longer suited. Besides the matchless technical and organizational implementation of trade show appearances, customers request also conceptual approaches, high quality design as well as supplemental services.

New service offerings, developed due to continued and increased demand, can be found at “CHRITTO” – a high quality brand!

The name “Messebau Mueller GmbH” becomes “CHRITTO international AG”.

Founding of CHRITTO, Inc. in Atlanta, GA – USA

Experience and becoming service partner of Octanorm (OSP).

Celebrating 35 years